Gemma Classical Music Trust


Opera With a Title, at Kings Place, London N1


music by Edward Lambert     

text from works by Federico Garcia Lorca

sung in English and Spanish

Peyee Chen (Sofia)              
Laura Kelly-McInroy (Director)
Daniel Joy (José)                 
James Schouten (Manuel)
Christopher Foster (Spectator)

Daniel de Souza horn
Lydia Hillerudh cello             

Director: David Edwards        

Conductor: Ed Spanjaard                http://edspanjaard.



Thursday 6 August 2015 at 20:00

Friday 7 August 2015 at 20:00

lasts about 50 minutes


Reinvented Shakespeare, Juliet’s erotic desires, gay courtships, the bombing of a theatre and the shooting of a theatre director feature in this surreal work. But is the action for real or are the actors imagining it? Can their performance survive the war raging around them and will it redefine their art? 

Drawn from two plays by Lorca, this surrealist opera explores the theme of identity. What the actors are playing, and what is happening to them in the real world, are confused: they bring their fantasies to bear on their performances while their characters invade their own personalities. Thus, role-play and questions of gender are examined, each from the other's viewpoint, as well as the nature of theatre and its relevance to everyday life. By referencing the past through echoes of operatic forms, the music also explores its own identity.

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Online £7.50; In person £9.50; Early bird (until 21 June) £5;