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Down by the Sea. A Collection of British Folk Songs

Artists: Blossom Street * Hilary Campbell

MacMillan, James (b.1959) Lassie, Wad Ye Loe Me?

Campkin, Alexander (b.1984) A Lover and his Lass

Vaughan Williams, Ralph (1872-1958) The Dark-Eyed Sailor

Bingham, Judith (b.1952) The Orphan Girl

Warlock, Peter (1894-1930) Yarmouth Fair

Duggan, John (b.1963) Over the Moon

Grainger, Percy (1882-1961) Mo nighean Dubh (My Dark-Haired Maiden)

Campbell, Hilary (b.1983) Blow the Wind Southerly Holst

Holst, Gustav (1874-1934) Awake, Awake

Byrt, John (b.1939) Among the Leaves So Green, O Turnball

Stuart, Murray (b.1975) Skye

Burke, Paul (b.1988) Fare Thee Well

Andrew, Kerry (b.1978) All Things Are Quite Silent

Bairstow, Edward (1874-1950) The Oak and the Ash

Moeran, EJ (1894-1950) The Sailor and Young Nancy

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